Listen to what our customers have to say about Attraxionz!






 Vikki Lutz (pictured) and her favourite Attraxionz jewellery - Urban Elements.


“I am really excited about my new Attraxionz pieces, I recently purchased the Amour, Urban Elements and Monte Carlo Pendant!  I am now getting quite a collection and can make so many different combinations from them it is just fantastic.  I used to spend up to $60 for one (1) piece at Myers and other stores where I can spend the same or a fraction more on my Attraxionz pieces and wear it so many different ways, it is far better value for money!  The service is terrific and the quality is great, I just love it.”  This is me wearing my new black Urban Elements." Vikki Lutz, November 2015.




Marney Perna (pictured on right) and her favourite Attraxionz jewellery freshwater pearls - custom-made.



"My Attraxionz pearl necklace waits for me at my front door. Love it! And the energy of the amazing pearls are out of this world! Thanks Kassandra for creating me such a unique and personal piece of jewellery. I highly recommend Attraxionz to anyone desiring a special piece. Give Kassandra a call. She is amazing !!!" Marney Perna, October 2015

 Marney Perna  Kinique-Kinesiology uniquely for you




Louise D'allura's favourite Attraxionz piece - High Society Necklace #15:

"I love the versatility of Attraxionz. I travel quite frequently for my business, 
The Revamp Experience, so packing is easy with Attraxionz. I take one necklace but really I have SEVEN!"

Louise D'allura, Director, The Revamp Experience 
(Revamp Professional Organisers Pty Ltd




 "Thanks Kassandra, I just love my two new necklaces. I get compliments wherever I go and people are just amazed that the pieces are so versatile. The service you provided was fantastic and quick. Change a piece; no problem. Make one slightly longer; no hassle. Looking forward to extending my collection!"
  -  Fiona Leonard. June 2015




"Beautifully made. I love how I can wear this necklace multiple ways. Short, long, longer.... I highly recommend this product. It looks even better in real life than in the photos!"
 - Megan Berryman, January 2015  Attraxionz Carnavale Necklace #2




Jackie Price talks about her favourite Attraxionz piece - Blush Necklace #6:


Jackie Price, Co-founder/Director, The Kitchen Table Network.  (





"This was in my mail today. Unbelievably beautiful creation from Kassandra at Attraxionz. I can wear this necklace so many different ways it's mind boggling!"
  -  Amanda Foy. Sept 2014.  Attraxionz Envy Necklace #2



"I never wore a lot of jewellery before I bought my Attraxions silver bullet necklace. But  this necklace gives me so many options that I am able to wear it with lots of different outfits. Necklace is getting lots of wear. Love it! " 
 -  Madeleine O'Hara, Sept 2014. Attraxionz Silver Bullet Necklace #1



"Have worn it about 4 times since I bought it and just love it.  I work 3 days and wear a uniform so basically I have had it on constantly."
  -  Natalie Morris, Sept 14. 



"I want to let everyone know how wonderful Kass is. I wore my gorgeous chocolate daisy necklace and earrings out for the first time on Saturday and wanted to show them off to my friends. Foolishly, I hadn't put one earring in properly and I lost it. I was so disappointed. I contacted Kass to order a replacement set on Tuesday and they arrived on Thursday. I was THRILLED! I love my Attraxionz jewellery and Kass's customer service is outstanding!!"  
  -  Donna Maysey. July 2013



"Whilst I won an Attraxionz prize at the WNA event I decided to expand my collection by adding colour. I am happy with the product and the necklace has become a talking piece with family and friends. Thanks Kassandra - appreciate your gift. And a great website for the product sales."
Louise Corica. June 2013



"I just wanted to tell you how I love my new Attraxionz Jewellery. I met designer Kass at a couple of TKTN meetings and I was so impressed with her bubbly personality, and her gorgeous Jewellery. She is such a clever person to not only design but also hand makes every piece of the jewellery. I had to purchase a necklace as it is so versatile and fits so well into my wardrobe. Can't wait to add to the collection." 
Jan Sorrensen Gold Coast Branch Manager TKTN. May 2013 



 "I went to Kassandra's just ot check out her pieces of jewellery and was amazed at the variety and style that she had to offer. Kassandra encouraged me to try on all of the jewellery to see what suited my body, neck and face and then if it wasn't quite right she custome made that piece to suit.  Every time I wear anything of Kassandra's people always notice and are very quick to ask me where I purchased my jewellery from. Kassandra's is now my favourite place to shop for my jewellery. I love Kassandra's customised service and the uniqueness of her designs.
 - Chris Wildeboer. Balance Central. Apr 2010



"My grandmother left me a string of pearls that she wore as a young girl in the 1940's. They were old and the string was falling apart and as much as I loved the gift from my grandmother I really couldn't wear it. I happen to be speaking to Kass about this one day and she suggested that I give the string of pearls to her to re-design into a style I would like to wear. So I did and wow! Kass designed two different necklaces from the one string of pearls by adding faceted gemstones. I wear my grandmother's pearls all the time! If you have a strand of pearls, or any other piece of jewellery that you don't wear contact Kass. She can re-design into a style that you will love."
  -  Gaile Henry. May 2009  



 "It has been just over 12 months since I was first introduced to you and your wonderfully creative jewellery. I have purchased a number of your pieces and can let you know that whenever I wear them, I always have people comment on how unique and beautiful they are.  I am looking froward to your next showcase as your designs, combinations and quality are excellent.  I would finally like to add that I am also very satisfied with the after sales service that you offer.  As you stated, if I ever had a problem to simply call you and drop the piece back.  You have proven to be true to your word and fixed or adjusted whatever needed fixing or adjusting.  I can only congratulate you and wish you all the future success for Kassandra Jewellery.
 -  Helen Clinton. Jan 2007



"Dear Kassandra, I can't thank you enough for my beautiful jewelry. It's unusual and eye-catching. A number of people I work with, and my family members, have commented on how striking my jewelry is.  I tell them that they will never find anything like this in the shops, and that your service and professionalism is second to none.  You definitly have that personal touch and are very prticular in your follow-up service.  Thanks again Kassandra. My family are in for some incredible Christmas presents this year!  I look forward to continuing our "sparkling" relationship."
  -  Gemma Holmes. Aug 2006



 "I am delighted to let you know about my dealings with Kassandra. I have bought several pieces over the years and been very impressed with the unique designs and Kassandra's attention to detail.  I had three pieces of jewellery, which I loved, but was unhappy with the existing design, as the designs didn't suit my personal taste or sense of style.  I approached Kassandra with these pieces and she asked what I would like. I told Kassandra  a little about myself and my personal preferences regarding colour and ethnic designs but I would leave the actual design details up to her and she assured me that she knew just what I wanted and would create something individual for me.  Kassandra called me a couple of weeks later and said my pieces were ready for me to look at.  I did this and was ecstatic with the results. Not only had she been able to come up with a unique design, but wit the designs that were just to my personal taste.  I love wearing my new jewellery pieces and often get compliments regarding how attractive and unique they are.  I can whole heartedly recommend Kassandra for the person looking for something just a bit different from the usual on offer.  Thank you Kassandra, I will be happy to shop wit you in the future."
 - Nicole Martin. Apr 2006



 "Kassandra, it's just over a year since I was first introduced to your range of hand-crafted jewellery and your new designs keep me coming back for more! Your individual designs have a definite "wow" factor as I never fail to receive compliments when I'm wearing your jewellery pieces. I love this and I feel like a million dollars.  I can find everything I need from pretty to funky to suit different styles and outings and each piece is so very versatile.  Your ability to custom fit pieces in length and sometimes style has been great as well.  I know I can always find something to suit. Thanks for a top quality product and the bonus fashion advice. I now dress with flair."
  -  Elvia Paludetto. Jan 2006



"I have bought several necklace and earring sets from Kassandra. I found that not only does her jewellery look absolutely amazing, her pieces finish off an outfit perfectly and when you look great you feel great, plus it's nice to be complimented on how good you look while you're out. Kassandra's jewellery is great quality and by following Kassandra's care instructions each piece still looks as good today as the day I bought them, and I have had some pieces for a couple of years..." 
  -  Kylie Haynes. Nov 2005



"Kass is an amazing designer. I've had a pendant sitting in my drawer for years now. It's a very special pendant. When a friend told me about Kassandra I decided to speak to her about my special piece. I liked her immediately and decided that my pendant was in safe hands. Kass consulted with me quite frequently to ensure that I was happy with the design as it took shape. I'm very happy with my new piece of jewellery and I can't recommend Kassandra highly enough! Thank you Kass. You're brilliant!"
  -  Fiona Jones. July 2005



"Kassandra's jewellery is the most eye catching jewellery I have owned in a long time. I am constantly receving comments (& questions of where did it come from), whenever I wear a piece. The jewellery party was a great success with Kass's vibrant personality and genuine approach helping my guests to feel comfortable and not obliged to buy, although nobody could resist. The jewellery is truly impressive and sells itself, I love that I can wear it to formal occasions as well as work and casual outings. Can't wait for the launch of the new collection." 
  - Ruth Stewart. March 2005 



"Thank you Kass for creating such beautiful jewellery! I really love that you design a full range of pieces that match so I can mix up earrings, necklaces and bracelets to suit any outfit. I never fail to receive compliments when I wear any of the jewellery you designed. Thanks for keeping me looking so sophisticated and I look forward to your new designs!"
  -  Tricia Liebke. Dec 2004