We've made these videos to demonstrate how EASY it is to wear your Attraxionz jewellery. 




How to wear ONE necklace ELEVEN different ways! WOW!





 Attraxionz jewellery is so versatile!
Watch this video to see how with just SEVEN components you can create thirteen...THIRTEEN different styles!


Hello! At Attraxionz we strive to help our customers
get the most out of their Attraxionz jewellery.  

Here is a quick guide on how Attraxionz works: 

Necklaces are made up of 3 to 6 separate components (pieces)

that connect together with magnets,

and can be re-connected in many different ways!

Attraxionz components (or pieces)

are made with FOUR different lengths:

1. Lariat (approx 820mm long)
2. Long (approx 380mm long)
3. Medium (approx 190mm long)
4. Extra short (approx 90mm long)

Essential components (pieces)

required to complete a necklace: 

1 x Chain
2 x Bracelets
1 x StarLink
1 x Pendant